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IHSA Alumni


In 2017, the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association will celebrate 50 years of competition, laughter and a whole lot of learning. The years have been filled with experiences unique to each individual rider. Do you remember the feeling you had standing in line at the draw table? Were you nervously biting your lip or casually chatting with a teammate in hopes of intimidating your competition? Maybe you didn’t draw for your own horse due to the proverbial bad luck, or maybe you were clinging to the team good luck talisman like a lifeline. Some riders were members of IHSA teams, but were never able to compete. They still arrived at the barn before the sunrise and did anything they needed to help their team.

To celebrate the past 50 years and prepare for the next, the IHSA Alumni Association is expanding and offering new memberships, ways to connect with past teammates and IHSA memories, mentor undergraduates and fellow alumni, and support the IHSA.


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